broken marriage and victim blaming by family
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I was in a bad marriage for 1. Dealt with abusive husband. Though it was a love marriage. I left him later on. I struggled alot in every way. He used to cage me. Literally locked me up in tiny small house. I was working before marriage. But I had to quit. Now it's been few months I am back at my parent's house. But they always taunts me about what happened. Now they have asked me work, find a job or something so I can give them money every month otherwise I have to go. It's abusive here too. I am looking for a job since 2 months but didn't get any. Now I feel like "where is my home???". Home is suppose to be safe, a happy and peaceful place. I know I made a huge mistake but I am a human after all. So what i chose a wrong guy. I got my lesson. Isn't that enough?? Why no one is letting me live peacefully???? All I want is peaceeeee.. is it too much to ask for???? I am feeling so useless. Not worth for living. Everybody made my life terrible. Just because I chose a wrong guy to marry with.

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