brother in law tried exploit another sister sexually
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I am crying in front of you and begging plz read my post completely. Hii.I look as very innocent and dumb person but I understand every motives of person. I am 35 years old.I have two sisters. One is 30 and married 9 years ago. And another 22. Me and my younger sister are unmarried. I occasionly drink with my friends only.But never bad thoughts coming to my mind after drinking. And it shown in everywhere drinking is necessary in ofc parties otherwise you will be neglected so just I drink there only to observe how people behave after drinking.I have never seen any one doing anything wrong after drinking so I have taken it not vulgar but bad.and not Some days ago we all 3 siblings were in my elder sister's home. As per observation my Brother-in -law is very helping and helps me a lot.I like his daughter i.e my niece more than my life. For some work we had come to his house with my sister.My brother-in-law told me that we all will drink togethere today. Even no one knows I ever has drank or not.I told I never drinks and I am not well so it will affect my health.But he told you all are mature.Younger sister also got job, so be MATURE otherwise everything will think you are an old and village like person.But still I dinot give my consent(THAT WAS MY MATURITY). But my brother-in-law purchased liquor and brought home. In night we all sit together and brother-in-law gave alcohol to everyone. As I know the effects of alcohol as I previously have taken and experience it so Just for observation I took but I BECAME VERY SAD AND SURPRISED EVEN MY SISTERS AND MY YOUNGER SISTER ALSO DIDNOT HESITATE TO DRINK ALCOHOL WITH ME AND DIDN'T ASK MY PERMISSION.We are all from very traditinal and conservative family.I THOUGHT IT IS OKAY,EVERYONE IS MATURE ENOUGH TO TAKE THEIR DECISION. My brother-in-law asking you are working in mnc lives in mumbai but never drinks.I am very diplomatic and said no I have never touched alcohol. I had drank maximum 10 to 15 times IN company parties but has experinced how it affects our thought process so i thought okay time is changing okay for good reason and we are not doing any harm so we drank. As I previously experienced so it didnot had any impact on me. I went to sleep with my NIECE AND MY younger sister in one room and my brother-in law with his wife(my elder sister) in another room. In mid night MY BROTHER-IN-LAW ENTERED OUR ROOM and talked with my sister-in-law and asked how she is feeling and then he touched her in appropiately and when my younger sister wake up then THAT BASTARD TRIED TO HUG HER AND TOLD TELL HOW YOU ARE FEELING.I was not asleep then I just waited and think rationally that my younger sister drank with her own wish and without my permission.Let her handle the situation but if BASTARD BROTHER-IN-LAW GOES CROSSES THE LIMIT(i THINK HE ALREADY CROSSED) I will do everything what to be done.But my sister handled calmly but in just laughed and told I am okay.ANd Do you want to sleep here,I will go to my didi's room.Then that bastard said no you sleep and tapped her thigh and went.I waited will my sister tell these things to me from her own side but no I was surprised and LITERALLY VERY ASTONISHED HOW i WAS SO MUCH BELIEVING A MAN CAN DO THIS DESPITE HAVING A 3YEAR OLD DAUGHTER.I thought my sister may be confusion so I pretended I just wake up.I asked is everything okay?She told yes yes.Then after some time I told i SAW THAT BASTARD WHAT TRYING TO DO.My sister told no no he did nothing.She 3 times tried to defend him. Then I told I know his intent.Then my sister told he is drunk so he behaved like this.Don't tell anyone. I told in no condition anyone is allowed to behave like this. Especially I was regarding him as elder brother.I thought in next day I will discuss with younger sister.But my younger sister is not intersted to discuss anything.she is behaving friendly with my BATSARD BROTHER-IN-LAW.I at least wanted from my sister she should feel guilty for drinking because of this that person misbehaved. How to deal with his intent or something. I am very emotional person. How being a brother I can deaf ears. Confusions are coming to mind. He was not so drunk that he has forgot everything. I think he must has bad thoughts about my sister.

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