How to deal with narrow minded parents ? i tried my best to make him understand what actually is true? But he is really too arrogant and not accepting the fact that he is wrong. His perspective of thinking is totally bad. He should understand me , can he be so rude to .i have proved myself to every extent . i have always a good academic and always been a topper , and i totally deserve better , and everyone around me is telling me u deserve better ....but he is the only person to not getting thr fact that what he is choosing for me ,is totally unfair . it's matter of 4 four , how can i spend time and even study in such undesirable place .... I am tired of this . I just hate his mindset , i just hate his perspective .... One side , he is modern , he understands me , but on contrast , he is just fooling me . Neither my mother is supporting me , . she is just acting to help me .... how can theybe so insensible ... I am totally helpless . this is degrading me from inside ..
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