Hello I am currently teen and suffering from hocd or may be I am lesbian it's start from 3 m...
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Hello I am currently teen and suffering from hocd or may be I am lesbian it's start from 3 months before I watched video on you tube about bisexual girl and I just admire my self I am really bisexual it's become hell day by day it's ruminating in my mind what if I am bisexual ... I try to read about it and I searched on quara and other platforms that I am bisexual or not I read alot wasted so much hrs and read so much stuff I convinced myself I am bisexual and I try to accept my self then again I have thought of gay means lesbian i told my self what if I am gay and I try to avoid this thought and it's become worst and worst day by day I believe that I am lesbian but i can't accept my self I feel really frustrated and upset because I don't understand what happened with me ? I diminish attraction towards opposite gender and I watch three times lesbian porn to know I am really into in girl do u know I find it really horny and diccusted and I enjoy but do u know most of the women like to watch lesbian porn and I am sick of this ruminating I thoughts said to me I am lesbian and I had dreams that haunt me in my dreams do u know when I was surrounded to girls or any woman eighter than few of my mother and sister I feel suffocating and really disscussting on my self and I got really bad thoughts it trigger me When I was with any woman my vayni with her I got really bad thoughts and really feel diccusted I don't know why .... But I feel attraction towards females and my attraction towards opposite gender it's going to hell and I don't know U can call it's flash attraction and now I can't understand who do I like or feel confused about my self If it feels like to see every woman feel like sexual thoughts and arousal in gentiles it's not good Is lesbian always feel like this ?? I don't know may be I was just becoming really Dramatic or just imagine And from 2 to 3 days I have really few thoughts about my sexuality bcz I told about my situation to my vayni and I was happy she understand but I don't know I have now problem with my breath I can't breath properly and I feel suffocating and my chest is so much panic ... May be sometime I have panic attacks help me it's hocd or I am really gay plz tell me if I really lesbian

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