why my parents can't understand me my mother she is becom really drastic I watch video of bisexual girl on YouTube as recommendations of you tube this video change my mental state I was suffering from extreme depression and fear I try to control on my self but in the last I told to doctor but he was local doctor instead of recommend to me counselor he listen what going on with me I told him what I was facing instructive thought and homosexuality questions about in my self he listened and give gyan that it is nothing and it's only concept of your mind and try to overcome from it I have another chest issue and he check but I feel his touch is not good .....I feel diccusted when he touch me improper way to my chest may be I was just wondering or just being dramatic but I don't feel his touch good and my mother keep asking me what kind of video I watch so I am suffering from it I told her nothing and I am not able to share my thoughts
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