can't cope up with breakup
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I was in a relationship for 16 months. on sept 2021 she went abroad ,we decided we will wait for each other and find a way towards marriage in few years after getting settled in our respective careers. But there was a change in her behaviour after she moved there and on Dec she told me it's not working and let's break up. I stopped talking to her because I was heartbroken and just let her go. but from past 7 months I am not feeling myself and nothing is working for me. I also tried to move onto another relationship but everything reminds me of her. so I finally texted her back to know if she felt the same and if we can come back together and give it another shot, but she told me that she moved on with someone else so casually and it destroyed my feelings and my anxiety increased. I am feeling more depressed now, not able to sleep, not able to concentrate on work. everything is a mess, dont know what have i done wrong.

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