career and family stress
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I have filled exam forms. for three different fields. one is technical question based exam, other two are mba & genrl aptitude exam. Now the problem is, exam dates of all these has came for this March end. Now I jst gotscolded coz I have been attempting exams for job for past 2 years. with no income or any progress. my famly has been supportv but also they are strict. I don't have much friends with similar intrsts so no group studies. but right now, today I am unprepared for even a single xam. I can't cancel gvng these neither I can bear to fail whatsoevr. my father just scolded me, like you shouldn't have left your job coz u can't clear any exams. (I did job for six months as customer service agent, calling and all, it gave me headache) WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!m like super depressd, so much that even my body weight has gone down. it's like malnutritn. & I can talk to nobody else, coz no one gets it. and m feeling satisfied by simply relying on destiny now. I don't want to do anythng

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