career decision out of parents pressure
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I have been an intelligent student. After 12th standard, my parents wanted me to do dentistry, so I took it up. I wanted to do something else like say teaching or b pharmacy. I passed 1st year of dentistry, now I am in second. They teach about dental procedures, they're so scary for me to handle. I have anxiety attacks whenever I think about one. I have no interest in this and I feel stuck in here. My parents won't agree if I tell them I can't. They say it's just my fear and I'll overcome it. Btw we are a middle class family and dentistry is expensive. Still my father is investing in me. He's sacrificed so so much for me. I can't waste his money , also I feel caged here. I don't know what to do. Imma cry man everyday I cry. I can't even cry in front of my parents because they also feel bad and depressed like me. I don't know what to do but also can't be here like this struggling to find a reason to live another day.

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