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hii everyone , i am 12 th passed now best really good grades , (pcm) and i finalised that i will persue btech . but before i will take admission in any colleges , i want to know pros and cons like what life i will have in these four year , bcz i had heard alot about college life simply , i want to know will it be worthy , ( my ultimate goal is upsc) . i am thinking about how my life will turn out in college , bcz i want to take control on my life , bcz i am much more distractive girl , i simply get distracted . but i want exposure , bcz till now i had been away from my family .and somewhere u can say i am homesick . that's why i want exposure , meet new people ,see outside world . it's like there are lot of restrictions at home , being girl , I always have to do things in limits . bcz my parents are way too possessive' for me . but they love me alot and care me a lot . My dreams are really big , and i have to achieve it any condition .i need someone to help me as senior . please

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