Character abuse in relationship leading to stress
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I need someone to talk to.. who can assure me that I did the right thing. So my bf hadn't been speaking to me for 5 days, suddenly he texts me saying that I should leave the city. He made unacceptable comments on my character, my past, and my standards. He himself admitted that he used to visit prostitutes, but somehow I'm always a victim of character abuse and judgement. I wrote him a long text and blocked him because I couldn't take it. The worst part is, he is my next door neighbour and I cannot entirely avoid him even though I never want to see him again. I can hear him leave home and return home on his bike which is hard to ignore and painful. Also, I feel so stupid for trusting him and opening up about my past. He has been using it to defame me by constantly bringing it up. I'm mentally affected and deeply disturbed by his comments. I cannot focus on anything. I feel dizzy.

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