childhood love
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i like a boy since childhood and i wanted to marry him even in nursery but after ukg i changed school we were in no contacts till class 3 i talked,visit him that time but again we stopped talking and after about 4 yrs, we got each other's I'd and started talking,he told me how he had a gf but he still used to me all day and when his gf came in a rs with her bsf he proposed me,I said no,we were too young and he used to talk to me even if he had gf made me doubt him but he stayed in my mid from 7th 9th he proposed me again that he always loved me since childhood but he had been in 3 rs and one was with my friend.i waited for him and never had a rs but I liked many boys and I am so attached to him that i can't spend a day not thinking about him,and this is not new I have not been able to forget him since the day we parted.but when a person is in love,that person don't like anyone else.but i always liked other people and same with him then why are we so attached.i want to move on

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