childhood sexual abuse and failed relationship in college
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I did not have a really happy childhood. I was sexually assaulted by my own brother. And I come from very strict household. The only thing they told me was to forgive whatever he did. Then I got into a good college with was near my house as I was not allowed to go out of my state to study. After getting into college I got into some relationships which ended in a very bad way which included cheating and I did not like it as I had a very bad childhood because my father cheated on my mother and that broke my family. Now I am in a relationship with one of my friends and we had a history together we did not get into a relationship at first as he judged me on the basis of my family and later on finally we decided to get into relationship as we really liked each other but now his family is judging me the same way he did when he then we first decided to get into a relationship that is they are judging me on the basis of my family that I am a very bad person. Should I continue the relationship as I do not know what to do. It is suffocating me because I really need a life where my past doesn't revolve around.

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