communication and intimacy gap in marital relationship, which is resulting in withdrawl from daily activities, sleep issue. Want to have the old personality.
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I am a married woman with a kid of 4yrs 3 months old. We are married since 8.5 yrs. At the beginning of the marriage, everything was just fine (for 2 years). Later his interest in me started deteriorating. It's not because he found someone else but due to his unexplainable some weird spiritual problem. As a person he is well behaved , good father but has short temper at times which has increased its intensity in couple of years. But it's bearable. At the beginning I badly wanted to conceive after so much social pressures around me. With his deteriorating interest in having sex , it was a kind of never ending problem. By God's grace somehow it happened. I remember that we had sex only once in that month prior to which I conceived!!! That's it. That was the last we did it. It's been almost 5 yrs now, I am abandoned from sex. Till 2 yrs after my delivery, I was busy with my kid and didn't pay attention to any physical closeness. May be he wanted the same. he never asked or approached. After that many a times I tried to approach him during certain nights, thinking he would act positively. Some times he used to hug but that passion was lost. We could never go beyond hugging.. Day after day, his response also decreased . He just lay like stone, when I approach him. That started annoying me and I feel like rejected everytime and because of that I have become short tempered. Since the time when his interest deteriorated, I started getting sleep disorder. I don't get proper sleep. It became a habit now. The thing is, I keep busy myself writing or reading or checking social media at night. I go to sleep only when I get tired and drowsy. If at all I go and forcefully push myself to sleep early, then I surely don't get sleep but I get disappointing thoughts about my state of life and I end up crying whole night. So now I have clearly lost sleep. I initiate sleep somewhere around 3am or 4am. Get up by 8am. I feel dizzy at times because of less sleep. But I can't help. This I can't discuss with anyone. My husband is least interested to respond for my queries. He just ignores. I have tried to ask him whether he has any sex related problem. He never speaks about it instead. .. I am just tired. Now the time is 3:15am and I am searching for solutions for my such a pathetic state of life. How carefree and bold and active was I before marriage. It feels like that personality of mine has be shattered into pieces.. Any inputs and guidance shall strengthen me. Thank you.

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