Communication gap and misunderstanding in relationship
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My boyfriend was being an idiot and ignored me so I yelled at him to stop being an idiot (but I was way nicer than that) and then he started to fight with me saying I dont love him and that it's okay for me to yell but when he does it it's the end of the world and then he started to ignore me. He would look at my text but not read them. And hes been doing that since last night. It's been hours. I told him I tried to overdose on pills I found and he didnt care he kept ignoring me. But those pills almost killed me. And yet he probably still wouldnt care. And I keep begging him to come back and talk to me. Like rn I'm not even sure if hes my boyfriend cus he wont talk to me. I wasnt able to finish work today. I only did ten minutes. I bought food but can not eat cus I have no energy from crying myself to sleep and crying when I wake up. All I wanna do is sleep. I think I should give him space but idk how much space I should give him. And for how long? And will he forgive me? I took those pills to make myself pay for hurting him. But then he started to hurt me more than the pills. My eyes hurt so bad. I cant walk. Everything hurts. I begged him to answer I needed him to answer. Idk if hes upset or mad. And I told him hes being childish and that if you really love someone you wouldnt hurt them this much but hes still ignoring me.

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