Communication gap in marriage
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what's in my mind? good question,but do anyone really knows the answer..well past many times I am trying to find out the answer of same question about my husband what's in his mind...we were very happy together but suddenly all changed for we r together but not really we don't have that love and relationships which their should be...from my side I tried everything to be solved and be together as we were..but from his side no response...everytime I feel like quit my life but I can't do i always wish God to take me away..he too don't listen to me....I feel empty from inside as I love him a lot...I keep saying my heart and mind everything will be fine...but now I think it's not going to be...i beleive y I am here who will listen to me who will answer my there any one who do magic ...and change my relationship with him as we were before...but I know their is no what's will change my life..

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