Communication gap in marriage and unable to share feelings
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Hi everyone, It's the first time I am sharing something in such a platform.... I am not a person sharing my hurt feelings towards anyone of course used to share it only with my husband after our fights. But, I am in situation that I couldn't anymore with him either due to the distances or misunderstandings we have recently... there has been few times where we talked separating but I couldn't as I still love him but I don't see the same from his side.... Thanks to corona and as a changes to working culture... this has led to a first blow in our relationship; he tried to cheat on me.... but since then we were fighting on several unwanted families stuff. e. he promised he wouldn't do anything like online chat, etc but I couldn't sit straight by not thinking about it when is he so secretive or looking at his phone by messaging in odd times... There has been times, where I have thought why not me caughting up with accidents or death through corona... but couldn't as well as I have 2 previous one....

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