communication gap in relationship
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I was in relationship before for 4 years but that was kind of off and on relationship so i broke it after 4 years and then i was single for 3 yes fom now and now i got someone who i thought will hold me and my emotions., Who will protect me from being broken who will repair me, who will tell me everything is okay and fine and hold me but that person has no time for me from day 1 of our relationship. He said he was busy this month and then the days increases and he still has no time for me to even ask me that if i am okay or not.. I don't know why he is changing after we cane in relationship but it makes me feel worthless and a looser. I think i am an embarrassment to him and he deserves better much much better person in his life.. I don't know why i am always crying for him even after knowing that he doesn't care even a bit.. i feel like i am drowning inside a dark pit.. I don't know how to hold on now

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