communication gap in relationship
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Iam in a relationship with a guy since 3 years. We are unable to meet since march due to lockdown.He loved me a lot. And everybody around us would feel that he was very much dedicated towards me. He talked of building future with me a lot of times. In the past,we fought over big issues but solved them within 3,4 days.Suddenly 2 months back,one of his friends created some misunderstanding between us and he started ignoring me. He talks rarely and gives cold replies. When I tried to solve the matter,he said he has family issues. But his family always knew about us since beginning and he would never bother over such things at all. Even before this misunderstandings,he was all into me and always initiated calls and texts and talked romantically with me. I told him if so,block me don't text me again. But he said he want to be friends. And he view my status all the time. I love him a lot and want the relationship to be like before. I can't stay as friends with all those feeligns inside. What should I do?

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