communication gap in relationship because of long distance
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I'm a 22 years girl in a relationship with a guy for 2 years.. we're in a long distance and never met each other... at first everything was fine.. but lately both of us got busy in our lives a lot... and so there r some communication gap we're facing.. in the past we used to talk and work it out whenever there was a communication gap... but recently I'm feeling uninterested to spend time with him and talk to him... i love him a lot or at least loved him a lot.. nd so ik he is very soft at his heart so i don't wanna hurt him... if i hurt him I'll hurt myself too... but i can't being myself to talk to him or show affection towards him like before... it's not like I'm getting interested into someone else as I'm not talking to anyone for now.... but i feel like i wanna spend time with myself more than spending time with him... pleaee help me to solve this issue so i can keep both him and myself happy.. 😔

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