communication gap in relationship
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Do you ever just feel so completely exhausted by your relationship? like, you love him and you'd do anythingfor him...but it feels like he wouldn't do the same for you? Like every moment that passes without him around you feel like this isn't it...but the second you're physically with them its feels like better...but what he says arw just...words. He says he loves me but I don't feel it, you know? I love him...but I feel like he doesn't love me, he just loves that I love him. Every time I tell him this isn't working, he'll say the sweetest things...makes me believethat he'll do what he says...and that lasts a day before he goes back to the same shit. I feel drained becauseit feels like I'm doing all the work here. I'm texting and I'm calling and I'm going to meet him and I'm putting in the effort. And he...hes done a lot for me, don't get me wrong. he's changed me as a person for the better, but this just isn't enoughfor me. I want to FEEL LOVED and CARED FOR. I want to FEEL it...not just hear it....i don't know what to do....

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