Communication gap with boyfriend
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Hello The problem is that i hv got somewhat disconnected from by bf at emotional level. I think the reason being that i wasted 1.5 yr by being with him and not focusing on my studies. At times i did tell him that he distracts me alot and i forget my goals when i am with him. I asked him for not being jn touch for few months till i am dn wd my goal.But he being in love never provided me much of isolation to let me focus. For 8 months, every morning i used to talk to him and feel happy,wait for his msgs and calls but cried every night for not giving my best to studies and this cycle continued. I dont knw if that was addiction of wht but i surely forget everything, even my goals,plans etc when i talk to him. He is a good guy but only if he could hv understood that i am having hard time balancing,i think i would hv bn alot better. Now i blame him for the elapsed time, for whatever i went through mentally. Now i find it hard to talk to him. I dont know how to continue this relation with the regrets and anger i have. Kindly suggest.

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