communication gap with mother
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I m 20 year old mbbs student.. I m at my home since 3 months .. ACTUALLY I m frustrated I m not able to focus at study because of the environment .now I m bored of the online classes . So I use my phone often for insta n all for passing time I don't have books here so I use phone for books sometimes I study n rest I scroll insta .. see what's the problem is my mom just want proof that I m studying or not I mean again n again scolding for same thing for studying ..I m just enough of it .even if I m studying m thn she says u do not study so thn my mind got distracted n frustrated so I can't focus she thinks study all day .. but it's not possible I have to have some time for me ..for prevent from her scolding I always pretend her that I m studying in phone but I do other thing cause I want my free time .she never allow me that she don't allow me to talk with my neighbors if I talk thn she start scolding me that I waste my time .. my cousin's daughter(age 10) came at evening she scold me that I m wasting my time dont talk to her she will come daily.if I m taking my time like doing nothing she will get started can I study all the time if shes allowing me free time thn I can be able to do study focused cause by saying the same thing again n again ..I m not able to focus mom n my relationship is not that good that I can solve it . I never shares my problem to her cause it's worthless ..tell me any solution that I can solve it by mine ... Mom should not be included she can never change her habit . Sometimes I want to pull my hair that what shud i do that will make her happy she do not scold me but she got one reason everyday to scold me .. everyone what I do my mind is aware that if I m doing this will my mom scold me or not ..that's why I m suffocating here . That's why I m not focused at anything

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