communication gap with mother
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What happened ed today I just want to share it .. ager attending online clases. I m a colg student .. I just like crafting n all so I started making lamp for diwali n after what my mom start scolding that u r not serious about anything expensive ur studies is ..u never looked like a colg student .. u r just busy in garbage things n her tone was seriously different like I has done somethig very wrong i. Don't like what's in her mind .she just I think doubting on me rather I m doing any thing with neighbours boy , so I was opening the door cause she starting scolding when I opened the door because I listened the voice of someone selling something n she was like why the seller has crossed 10 min ago. N what ur ear are weak or what ..damn I just opened the door for purpose I don't having anything in my mind n I seriously don't a 1% interest in neighbors like I hae decided this time I m not mak8ng any rangoli or lamp or whatever I will do this after I go to my hostel after diwali I m at home since 7 months ...what she want man ...I literally can't understand know what's the worst thing is ... releasing ur frustrations on ur kids's the worst n I m literally crying in washroom for that I have didi nothing ...

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