communication gap with mother
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I m 22 year old .. at home due to workload my mother is frustrated ..but father n my aunt help her in house stuff .she can get frustrated at any time n scold everyone especially me ..yet I m doing anything that irritate her. .I m studying max time but last 1 day I have my cramps so I m not able to study so I m not studying I m trying to take rest but again I don't know on which matter she got frustrated n start scolding me that I m not studying ...u know I daily am alert not to do the thing that my mother again start scolding me but however she got chance n start on me ..even she let her frustration on everyone. Don't u think also that she also have to think about us I m admitting she do her job n household work we totally respect that. But it doesn't mean that we r here not allowed to be free I feel like I m doing the things that will prevent me from her scolding . I feel devastated .not happy from inside .. n after her scolding she want that I should not cry ., Shud not make bad face just remain the same happy face n if I m not doing that thn again she started taunting .. now what shud i do ....talking to her is not possible at all if u r suggesting me to talk with her peacefully .. in my entire life we never talked on something by sitting in peace. I never answer back her in rude way but now I m having pain cramps she have to understand just suggest me something else .. she's never gonna change . She's the same in her entire life

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