communication gap with parents, anxiety and depression
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I have communication issues with my parents. I tty to talk to them about my anxiety and depression, they don't quite reciprocate. The covid 19 lockdown has made things worse since I'm locked inside with them . The environment was filled with tension since my parents have a shaky marriage and I have a younger sibling to look after who in turn has jealousy issues . He believes I get pampered. In the midst of all this mess I found love in a long time crush . Dating for 8months now we both have been through a lot . Matter of fact the only reason i still haven't killed myself is his constant support . I intend to seek professional help once the covid lockdown is over but until then I have 1 question and I just cant3seem to stop thinking about it. My parents don't know abt my relationship. So everytime I go ond ates I have to lie to them saying I'm going somewhere else. All my life my parents have kept lying to me about one thing or the other and if there's one thing i take away fron thsi family ,it is to not lie to anyone the way they lied to me and now here I'm lying about my relationship. It pricks my conscience. It troubles me even though I know that I do not have much of a choice . I just want to know if I'm doing the right thing here

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