Communication gap with parents
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So there was this day I went out with my friends and I came back home at around 9:00 pm and they we're definitely mad at me(my parents). We talked over it and I accepted I was on the wrong On Sunday, i also went out with my friends and came back at around 7:40 pm this was still quite late but earlier the previous time. They locked me out for about 40 mins and then they opened up for me, very angry of course. My problem is whenever I come home late they conclude I was with a guy and they start saying (most especially my mum) that if I get pregnant I'll definitely leave their house. I feel like they misjudge me and don't listen to me. Yes I know I was wrong coming home late but shouldn't they first ask what happened that I came late. And must I have gone to a guy's place for me to come late?? Right now my dad is not talking to me 😭 please help me. What should I do?? I'm not at peace

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