Complicated relationship situation
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Hey! I'm new to this app. I really don't know why I'm here telling you my story. But I need someone to make me feel better after what I have done. So here's my story. I'm a 21 year old. I broke up with my long term boyfriend 9 months back. Without having a proper grief my friends advised me to look for a rebound relationship, so I did. But things haven't been easy during this relationship. We did fool around each other but i really wasn't 100% loyal during this rebound. I flirted with so many other guys that I'm not so proud of. But for the past month I kinda began having feelings for my rebound boyfriend and therefore I stopped it all. But yesterday he went through my phone randomly and caught all the text that I had going around with random boys. He accused me of cheating and he calls me whore now. But it was all flirty texts that I did nothing more. And now my rebound boyfriend whom I love actually won't talk to me. Instead he curses and yells at me. Just advice me as to what I should do again 😞

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