complication in relationship
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so I liked my best friend for along time and I asked her out may 1st but ever since we started dating she's been weird it was good at first but then I felt friendzoned so I told her I heeded a break we finally got back together but now I feel like she's ghosting me and don't like me anymore I barley see her we only text in group chats with friends and I love her so much but I feel like I'm wasting my time on someone who doesn't wanna have time with me she's pan and I'm bi but I don't think she's ready for a relationship with girls yet and she's the only one I can talk to and feel free and happy around I can't talk to her no more because she never seems free for me what do I do I'm trapped inside my own feelings trying to figure out if I should keep trying or just breK up I can't be in a relationship were I'm constantly being friendzoned or ghosted or not being lived I give her everything I helped her through alot

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