concerned about a friend's health
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I have a very close friend of mine, who is terminally ill and currently fighting for his life in the hospital. I love him, intensely and since its becoming increasingly clear to me that he might not make it, I've been struggling with coping with the fact. And the slightest thing reminds me of him and he's almost always on my mind. I've sort of lost my motivation to go about even the basic mundane activities and instead i dread the start of every day and getting out of bed. I want to give him my lungs, but I know he won't take me as a donor. But he has so many dreams and ambitions, he'll see the world in the extra time he'll get, I won't. I've tried accepting the grief but it just doesn't go away, this weird pain-like feeling in my chest. No matter how much I sob or cry or scream, it's just there. I wish it would go away and he would come back. I miss him.

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