confused about being in a relationship because of family
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I am form an Orthodox family , my parents are really very strict and i have been hurt in my past alot due to my past relationships and friendship as I have faced betrayal and cheating but there is a guy I met him last year he was really good in the starting but now he is not that person anymore, he hurts me but in the he understand his mistake and try to change he is good human but I'm not in relationship with him because I have strict parents and as I'm a single child I have few responsibility and i don't think I will ever see my future with him as we are from different caste and my parents will never be convinced for him ... I'm really very confused I really like him as a friend but I'm scared that somehow i don't get feelings for him because..I can't.. So plizz help me with it what should I do it in this situation.. Should I leave him or what should I do..?

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