confused about being in relationship because of financial situation of the partner
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I have been in relationship since almost 2 years but I have nt met that guy personally. I was talking daily since our relationship started but just on a phone call. I rejected many proposals due to I love that guy. But my parents are opposed of him due to his very low financial status and I belong to financially very strong family so my father wants to marry a business guy only. But due to many rejections of my now my father has been agreed for that guy. And that guy too convinced my dad..But now I realise that his financial condition is really very low that I wont be able to manage it and now each day the financial status interferes in my relationship. I am just feared about if some other person proposal will come and if I will miss this guy then ? But I m fearing also due to he stays in rented house that's not even possible for me. But I couldnt leave him too.So should I continue the relationship or wait for another person? Coz I feel that if parents are not happy then I should not make them sad but on other hand if I don't get a good guy after this breakup then? I am literally worried about...what shall I do? Shall I take decision after meeting him once? Shall I give him chance?

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