Confused about life
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Hi!!! I am actually a newbie,quite cheerful and interactive and a lover of human,nature and science. Now these are my problems:. 1) I trust people a lot. 2) I believe that as humans,we should have no resentment towards each other. 3) I can do absolutely anything for the people I love without caring about the consequences.Even if it's not convenient for me,I just do it. 4) My mood swings for no reason and I get flashbacks of my past experience with has really affected me a lot in my daily life e.g I tend to forget things very quickly which is affecting me at home and in my academics. 5) I have a lot of friends but then I can't find just this one person to trust completely and share my feelings with. 6) I am only living my life at a mere fraction because I don't know my purpose in life. I just move in line with the way life treats me. Is there a way to fix all these problems?

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