confused about relationship
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Hi I am in a relationship with my boyfriend. We are students of the same college, but studying different branches of engineering. Due to the pandemic, we couldn't go to our college campus as soon as our admission. So, we met through whatsapp, and started texting each other. We were online friends for 3-4 months, then we started to like each other as well. Then, our campus reopened, we met each other and confessed our feelings. He is the only person that truly understands me right now, and we wish to build a future together. Then, we had to go back to our own respective homes. When I reached home, we didn't planned to tell this to our parents. But one day, my mother secretly read my chats with my boyfriend. So got to know that I was in a relationship and that we kissed. This all disturbed my mother a lot, and she told all this to my father as well. Now, both of them want me to leave my boyfriend as they want me to focus on studies and I also have to prepare for an exam that I'll be giving 2½ years later. They think that being in a relationship would not let me concentrate on my studies (but I don't think so, I'm able to concentrate in a better way when I am with him, or when I have talked to him). Also, my mother is worried if we would "cross the line" in the near future (since I have to go to campus once again), but me and my boyfriend have already talked about it, that we won't do this until we pass out of college. Also, they are asking how did things escalated this far (for a kiss, or an "I love you" to happen) in the span of just a month. Now, the decision is on me, would I like to lie to my parents, or would I break up with my boyfriend (who understood me when no one did, not even my parents). I do not know what to do now, I'm 18, so I can do anything of my choice, but I also want to make my parents proud of me, and trust me.

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