Confused about relationship
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I am confused about what I am doing nd what should I do. I am in a reltnshp where there is no future but this guy want us to try and get married in Dec. I cannot marry him but I am also not able to leave him. He never understood my situation so now I kept this lie that I want us to be together. Now he is planning a group trip and want me to join and I'm confused if it's good to have this trip or not bz this is my dream trip but I cannot marry him. This whole reltnshp is on lie. I liked him but I don't feel that he is good enough to understand me, to be with me, also I don't want to hurt my parents. Should I go with the flow or shouldn't go the trip? Bcz in future I know we can't be together nd he is going to talk to my fmly in Nov for marriage. His fmly likes me but it's my fmly n me who's not sure. Please help me with the situn. I should travel my dream trip knowing that nothing will remain in future with him or postpone the plan?

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