confused about relationship because of partner's financial status
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I am 24 years old now. Before 1.5 years ago i met a guy on social site. We talk daily. I loved his nature as well as his smart attitude and so i was much impressed about him and my age was also quite that point where i needed actually someone to share my problems and share my feelings so slowly and gradually we fallen in love together but i didnt questioned about his financial condition. I looked his nature that time so when he first time sent a proposal my whole family denied due to his financial status and we belong to quite rich family but now 2nd time my family have been convinced but now i am not convinced bcoz now i really feel stress that how i would live in rent house in mumbai and how would i be able to handle my demands and all since i m from such a rich family i have never sacrificed my demands we have all the i am.worried and my parents have fixed my marriage with him but how do i manage now . I.get stress whole day and night and he is earning only 30 thousand in mumbai so plz suggest me some ideas to overcome this problem.

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