confused about sexual orientation
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I am 21 years old bisexual guy, so i feel physically and sexually attracted to men a lot, like I feel physical attraction for so many guys around me or social media and i have had a lot of hookups with guys too through gay dating app At same time i feel emotional attraction for girls too , especially those who are very close to me as my friend and with whom I can share anything amd who can understand me well When I started to think about relationships seriously I thought I shall be in relationship with a guy rather than having just random hookups , but i couldn't feel that relationship kind of attraction for any guy , and it happened for 3 times that i was in serious thing with guy and I stopped feeling for him and I broke up But still thinking about relationship i find it more easier to find a guy to be in relationship with than a girl I have tried dating apps but it always happens that guys do like me easily and i get matches n all but it never ever happened with a girl And outside the dating app I don't feel much attraction for girls around me But inspite of all of this every time I imagine my future I always feel like I want nice family and I wanna be that nice caring husband for a nice woman and have kids and have my sweet family, I've never been able to imagine my future with a guy So I don't know what kind of relationship i shall be looking for and how ?

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