confused about the feeling of attraction with cousin
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hello i am 20 years old girl. i have one of my cousine brother whom i met at my 10th standard... we where in little contact from that time but from past 1 yr we got more close to each other he also told me about how a girl whom he loved cheated on him . both of our families have some disputes right from our childhood so we never knew each other we rarely meet in any occations... . i was once warned by my mom for texting him and being close to him . me and my cousine brother have crush on each other and we badly wanted to see each other since it was a long time we met . one fine day i met him he took me to some hills and he huged my tight kissed me on my lips neck n all i felt good and scared then but when i came back home i am very disturbed and depressed for doing it with my cousine brother.... i feel im having a wrong relationship and im emotionally feeling bad and guilty. we both know this is not a permanent relationship though i was involved in doing it. and he texted me that he wants to spend time with me next time in a room..... this is making me still more depressed now idk what to do.... how do i approch him, i feel very guilty...

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