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I have been in a relationship for 5 years.For the past 2years it is a distance relationship.But things where not that bad between us.We where having the same bond.Later this year he told me that he is having a friend which is an opposite sex.But I was happy about him for making friends since he is not a social butterfly.By her friendship his point of view on certain things has changed in a good way which I really appreciate.But later I don't know why I started avoiding messages, calls, text for no reason from anyone and that also include my lover. Even though he always calls or text me for knowing my well being and I feel sorry about it, still I won't make an effort in calling.But later we where fine with each other.But lately he confessed that my lover and his friend is having a relationship that he cannot describe in words(not lovers as he said so) .And he says that his friend thinks like it's kind of cheating with me and she starts to avoid him which makes him depressed.

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