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ive been in relationship for 1.6 years now and my boyfriend migrated a year ago. We faced alot of changes in the relationship. We had alot of fights since then. Last month in December he flirted with a girl as joke and I was mad at him, the same night he went to the girls house they joked again about "kissing" and the girl tried to kiss him and it didn't happen! he told her that he'd kiss her on her birthday. The next day when he told me we had a huge argument about it and he decided to tell her about me and he did. Then just 2 days before her birthday he asked me for breakup. He told me that he thinks that we will never meet and i wont come there to his country he living in. He kissed on her birthday and the next day he messaged me that he wanna be back and he wants to be with me. since then we are in on and off relationship.Im trying really hard to forgive him but i cant, i tried to breakup again but looking at his condition i feel i shouldnt. What do i do?

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