confused mind need guidance
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I am 35 year old and unmarried in relationship with a guy . since our start of our relationship I came to know that he was jobless, was helping him through loan . one point of time after a year and half he invested money in stock and incurred loss. Still he is in contact with me but due to all these Bank loans I have incurred huge debts . every month my father is only helping me . He recently got job and had suggested me to come with him to the place where he is right now. He says he will book tickets . But , I am not able to trust him in giving him money for booking tickets . He is in Andaman now .And telling me that he will send tickets. My inner mind tells to go but I am thinking about my parents who had done a lot to me. I need help . If I tell my father about this he will always tell me that I am sexually inclined and my mind is stupid etc .

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