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i don't like doing anything.. i feel exhausted, tired, frustrated for nothing. i don't know what kind of emotion or feeling is that but it's really really making me angry and reactive inside out. this happens with a after every 1~2 weeks. i always get that feeling of exhausted. and waste my time doing nothing where i have tons of assignments to complete. i get exhausted easily. that frustration gets into my nerve making me angry... i want to utilise my free time the best possible way but every weekend Saturday's and Sundays i feel extremely sad useless hopeless i don't know how to describe my own feelings. i also try making simple easy tasks in my everyday to do list but still can't complete my necessary simple goals. which again makes me stressed.. i have lots of studies to do but don't know where to start? i just don't know. I'm confused in myself like what exactly i want? there's like mixed emotions running inside me which is making me more confused. i want to do but dont feel like

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