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Ok so, I'm not a very academic student. But recently, I wrote an article regarding philosophy-related. The thing is, I sent that article via my elder sister's email ID. Everyone in the same class that we go to and even my dad who was cc'd in it, read it. And all were excited and were telling me "Have you read your sister's article?? She's an amazing writer. From where she got that idea." I felt very good, listening to it. But then, I said it, "It was mine actually; I couldn't log in to my own email via my own laptop and mistakenly sent by hers in the same ipad that we use." And, all went, "Oh ok, you shouldnt use others email account." and changed the topic or went away to do some other work. They all behaved like, if her sister wrote then it's wow it makes sense but when they reckoned it was mine, they reacted like it's something not so important. Right now, I dont know how to process what's going on.

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