coping after a toxic relationship
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I was in a toxic relationship for 3 years which was mentally and emotionally abusive (maybe a tad but physically too - grabbing/twisting arm). He used to control my actions and relationships, gaslight me a lot and manipulate me. I have moved on but certain situations still trigger me a lot. Situations like someone yelling at me, fights/confrontation etc makes my brain shut down and I feel like I just wanna run away. Someone saying something even slightly negative makes me overthink it and reduces my self esteem incredibly. I try my best to go past it and not heed to people but recently I'm being triggered quite frequently to the extend that I have to take leaves from my college. I hate that this part of me is affecting my life and studies. I even experience anxiety issues when I'm around new people and situations and tend to avoid new situations totally, but at the same time I wanna try new things and be happy and be myself. How do I help myself?

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