coward me
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I love someone and she loves maybe even more than I do she is a gem a real keeper but recently her caught our chats together and they now want us to stop talking to each other and I don't want that coz she was the one who supported me when i was miserable when i wanted to die she was the one who supported me , the thing is I want to marry her and have a peaceful life together but they won't allow that coz iam not of same caste I never believed in caste and all but it's has been quite unbearable these day to think they won't let me be with her" the only good thing going on in my life " just because I was born in a different caste I don't want to let her go i know iam nothing rightnow but give me a chance atleast these days I don't even have the strength left to cheer myself up and say to her everything is going to be fine instead here iam looking for ways so that I don't just kill myself and make her life more miserable

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