i just don't know what to do, i was working my ass off since 9 pm till almost one am trying to make cakes and cupcakes my family asked me for, cleaning the kitchen and in total just working around. earlier i passed my finals (i do them online, homeschooling thing) and my boyfriend just sat there doing fucking nothing, just playing games from when he woke up untill i came back from the kitchen. and while yes i know i we do not live together and i know that i played for like and hour or two today but honestly, it is not even that i am mad that he playes i am mad that he played over 12 hours daily, often ignoring me during that and won't even take a fucking shower when i ask him to. i am just so annoyed, i love him but i just can't bare it. he gets to sit on his ass sll day and i have to work as a fucking maid for no goddamn readon. it just hurts, i am tired but still gotta do some stuff and then take care of myself (shower and etc) i am both jealous and mad but like... what do i do
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