greetings. I have q problem wmin my relationship, we have been together for 1year now. he's a widower and when the wife passed there's a lady who was asked to look after the kids for about 7months. so now the kids have moved to stay with their dad and I sometimes go once a week if possible since I'm staying far. my challenge is that this lady (who was looking after them that 7months) is still in their life, she is assigned to switch lights on at my partner's house in a different province as he stays in town due to work with the kids...she makes changes in his house and bedroom and he says nothing. am I wrong to feel uncomfortable with her still in their life even though now I'm in their life,with another woman making changes without being asked in my partner's house, when the kids are always talking about her and they and refusing to do certain things because 'she' said they shouldn't do it even wheni tell then they should do it. am I wrong to feel uncomfortable?
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