I feel like a child of conflict. My parents have always held on to me for their own selfish needs. They are very manupulative. Every time I break free from them, they pull me back by guilting me with something. I have my own house but I still live with them because every time I decide to leave they emotionally blackmail me. Last year they even moved into my house and lived with me for their own selfish reasons and refused to move out even when I politely asked them to. I had a couple of surgeries this year and was forced to move to their town but now they are not letting me go back. They are also very inconsiderate of my feelings. They yell and fight with each other when I'm on office meetings (I work from home presently). They make me feel like I'm abandoning them but the truth is that they have never loved me or given me a stable household right from childhood. I feel really suffocated. I don't know what to do. I feel trapped.
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