dealing with past guilt
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Heyy!..well idk what to say ryt now, I'm just looking for help who can help me with my guilt. I have done something that i didn't wanted but i couldn't help it.... anyway I made a mistake in my past i haven't yet confess my mistake to that person....i was struggling with this guilt from almost a year just 2 or 3 months ago i got a little relief bcz i read an article where it said free time will take you your past so always keep yourself busy and now i have got a job it did I'm far better than my past months but i think it not enough, just keeping myself busy and letting go my guilt like i have done nothing is wrong.....i don't want to ingnore that feeling i want to find a solution. So i hope i might find the answers I'm looking for. And btw I'm a male, in profile it female picture and I'm not able to change. So thank you and I'll wait for your advice.

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