Death anxiety in teenager aged 15
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Whenever you see something the first thought that pops up into your mind depends on the thing. Like if you see a book you think about letters, numbers, stories and etc. When you see your friends you feel happy, relieved and other such emotions. The point is that your thoughts vary. Now, imagine that no matter what is it, literally just one thought is stuck in your mind and it never changes. And the thought is that eventually it's all going to end. You don't feel fresh if you see flowers, all you can think is that they are dead. When you see your friends, parents or anyone all you can feel is that they are going to die. I am having this feeling to such extremes that sometimes it's just hard to be.The very idea that one day I'm just going to stop to exist just like that and not even being able to think freaks me out so much that I find it difficult to breathe.I haven't told this to anyone and no one has a hint but all I know is that I can't live like this anymore. I need Immediate help.

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