demotivated about career
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Hey guys so that i havent achieved my goal to become a singer since i was 5. While I did do auditions for places ehen i was 16 growing up they were interested in me but all of them asked for like a fee so we werent sure if any places i auditoned for were scamming us or legit. I'm 24 now and while I know I'm close i feel disheartened that im not in an entertainment company already. I cried a lot since I was 19 since I didnt achieve my dreams yet. I never wanted to go to college but was forced to go. My mom is asian so you can see why that is. I just want my career as a musician to soar already. I know I have the talent, passion and the drive. I even have different performing experiences. I grew up in a household of music and a basement studio. My buological father is a musician and has a platinum record but i dont really care, i never mention him because i dont want to depend or use it as people will think i was given help. Were not even on speaking terms with him because he wasnt a good parent. Anyways I have songs being made and some that were put out last year. i just dont know how to sell myself as an artist or how to get my foot in the door and im going to try my best but everyday i feel depressed and hate myself for not having reached my goal already...I feel like im at war with my own self.

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